Jessners Peel 

Jessners peel/facials procedure

How It Works

Jessners solution is a mild acid that penetrates dead skin cells causing them to exfoliate, leaving healthy and alive skin cells on the surface of your facial skin.

What Problem It Corrects

The life cycle of a skin cell is six weeks. Dead skin cells will accumulate on your face, leaving it feeling rough and looking dull. A Jessners Peel removes these dead skin cells.

How It Feels

You will experience a mild tingling sensation when the Jessners solution is applied, but it is not painful. Anesthesia is not required.

How Long It Takes

The application takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

How Many Sessions Are Recommended

Everyone is different. While you may be satisfied with the results after one treatment, we usually recommend more than one. We also recommend maintenance peels every 6 to 8 weeks. Jessners Peel is comparable to getting fit. In order to stay in shape, you need to continue to train.

What To Expect After Treatment

With a Jessners Peel, there is no down time. We usually apply a moisturizer before you leave the office. If you prefer to apply your own makeup, you can do that as well.

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