Microdermabrasion procedure

How It Works

We use the New Appeal DiamondTome Microdermabrader. Diamond abrasives in the tip of the wand exfoliate the dead skin cells which are then removed with a vacuum. The systems modules can be changed and the number of passes varies from person to person. Following your microdermabrasion, either a moisturizer or an enzyme emollient will be gently massaged into the skin.

What Problem It Corrects

The life cycle of a skin cell is 6 weeks. Dead skin cells will accumulate on your face leaving it feeling rough and looking dull. The Diamond Tome works in a similar way as the Jessners Peel except it penetrates a little deeper into the epidermal layer of the skin.

How It Feels

A microdermabrasion session is very tolerable and does not require topical or local anesthesia. Due to the action of the vacuum system, you will feel some pull on your skin which may be slightly uncomfortable.

How Long It Takes

We allow 1 hour for a microdermabrasion session from start to finish.

How Many Sessions Are Recommended

As with the Jessners Peel, you can have any number of sessions. Because your skin cells will continue to die and accumulate on your skin, we usually recommend 6 sessions scheduled 2 weeks apart followed by a maintenance treatment every 2 to 3 months to arrest the signs of aging.

What To Expect After Treatment

A microdermabrasion session requires absolutely no down time. You can apply makeup immediately after and resume your normal daily activities.

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