SIGNATURE  Swedish for relaxation   25 min/35    55 min/65    85 min/95 
DEEP TISSUE Stimulating to help repair, restore muscle integrity  25 min/45   55 min/75 

WELLNESS (*This massage is offered by Taylor or Kristen) Combination of Swedish & deep tissue pressure, hot stones, joint

mobilization and 5 element theory.  55 min/65   85 min/95   120 min/130

NEUROMUSCULAR (*This massage is offered by Taylor) Specifically locates and releases tight muscles & trigger points

getting to the cause or source of your pain.   85 min/95   120 min/130

SPORT Stretching & Deep Tissue 55 min/75
HOT STONES Deeply soothing to relax muscle tightness 80 min/95

NATAL  Pre (2nd & 3rd tri) & Post Natal Massage 50 min/75 
EXPRESS  Back, shoulders, neck and head  20 min/25 
COMPRESSION  Fully clothed to awaken the body  20 min/25 

REFLEXOLOGY  Improve overall well-being with refreshing lower leg & feet exfoliation and sole reflexology  55 min/65
ARNICA MUSCLE REPAIR BODY TREATMENT Anti-inflammatory wrap & massage utilizing the benefits of arnica   90 min/125
COUPLES Simultaneous side by side relaxing massage for two  55 min/130


SERENITY BODY  Aromatic oils to be used in this soothing and hydrating full body treatment to induce a deep state of relaxation;

nourishing the skin while relaxing the mind and spirit   55 min 65

LEMON VERBENA BODY POLISH  A clean, uplifting and refreshing body exfoliation  45 min 60
LEMONGRASS MIMOSA BODY TREATMENT  An aromatic and exhilarating body polish and massage to refresh the body, uplift the

spirit, and brighten the skin  90 min 125
ESPRESSO MUD BODY TREATMENT  A detoxifying scrub and mud wrap. A rich mud scrub combines volcanic pumice and black silt clay to exfoliate and remove impurities while creamy Sicilian Bergamot hydrates and leaves skin silky soft.   90 min 125


A detoxifying seaweed wrap firming the body, a relaxing full-body treatment. Begins with a dry sweeping to exfoliate the skin. Next a warmed blend of nutrient-rich sea algae, willow bark, and ylang-ylang is massaged into the body, and the body is gently cocooned. Enjoy a head and neck massage as well as a foot ritual while your body melts with relaxation. 90 min 125


Pure relaxation...enjoy a relaxing facial, arms, head and shoulders massage, an aromatic experience including facial cleanse and hydration.

This relaxation treatment may be performed by our Master Esthetician, our Massage Therapists or our Cosmetologists. 

20 min/30     50 min/65

MASSAGE/BODY ADD-ONS   may be added to your massage or body treatment

AROMATHERAPY ~Essential oils to further your state of relaxation~10
       CHILL~Relaxing        INSPIRE~Inspire Creativity        MEDITATION~Clarity       RE-BOOT~Invigorating        ALPINE ARNICA~Muscle Relief
MARULA OIL SCALP TREATMENT~ Marula oil packed with powerful antioxidants to replenish hydration is applied to hair & scalp

remaining until you shower at spa or home.~ 20 min 35
PEPPERMINT FOOT THERAPY~ An intensive treatment focusing on pressure sensors in the feet and calves to release energy flow and tension.~ 20 min 30
MIMOSA HAND THERAPY~ A deeply exfoliating Bamboo cleansing scrub and steam wrapping to remove dull, dry skin. Renew with sparkling notes of Lemongrass to brighten hands.~ 20 min 30
A ritualistic communion with water, the shower or bath is the place where one allows the body and mind to heal both physiologically and emotionally. These cures begin in the treatment room, a brisk, energy flowing, essential oil application for specifically targeted therapy followed by a spa shower.

Great before any massage or body treatment~ 30 min 40      

                REST CURE ~ Lavender Blossom
                RENEW CURE ~ Alpine Arnica
                DETOX CURE ~ Deep Forest

​​SERENITY FACIAL MASSAGE ADD ON ~ Pure relaxation...enjoy  an aromatic experience including a massaging facial cleanse and hydration.

This ad on may be performed by our Master Esthetician, our Massage Therapists or our Cosmetologists.~   20 min/30     


Facials:      RELAXING or ADVANCED choose:

Our Relaxing facials are performed by our estheticians, massage therapists, or cosmetologists. (completely relaxing facials utilizing proven skincare)

Our Advanced facials are performed by our estheticians. (includes skin analysis, customized exfoliation of enzymes,

 utilizing active ingredients-proven skincare, ultrasonic & treatments, facial massage and relaxation massage of arms, neck and scalp).

MOISTURE DRENCH ~ Sweet Lupine and soothing Oats gently remove impurities. Lavender and Honey balance the skin while

Aloe soothes the skin and calm the senses.~ 50 min    RELAXING 65   ADVANCED 75

ROSACEA FACIAL ~ Soothing facial designed to treat sensitive skin conditions utilizing calming extracts such as German Chamomile,

Oatmeal and Calendula to reduce inflammation.~ 50 min  ADVANCED 65
AGE DEFENSE ~ Target the signs of aging with Oats and Argan Retinols to exfoliate and stimulate the skin while layers of vitamins, antioxidants,

anti-inflammatory botanicals and Argan Peptides leave skin protected and revitalized. This skin conditioning treatment is designed to correct

inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging.~ 55 min  RELAXING 65    ADVANCED 85
CLARIFYING ~ Correct acneic complexions with this gentle, yet effective, treatment for teenage or adult acne. This facial includes

using extractions as needed while using a purifying cleansing and antibacterial extracts of Alpine Willow and Rosemary to control sebum

and leave a soft, matte finish. ~ 55 min   RELAXING 65   ADVANCED 85
HOLISTIC FACIAL ~ Rooted in wellness is this detoxifying lymphatic brushing facial featuring Manuka Honey Balm to nourish with

probiotics and peptides to reinforce the skin's barrier and aromatherapy to rest the spirit.  Utilizes a chosen concentrate with 

active ingredients specifically for your skin. 55m   125 

Included in facial fee-Guest chooses concentrate to be used during facial and take home ...

Alpine Rose to revitalize the skin

Marine to rejuvenate the skin

Ginger for clarifying the skin

Retinol for renewing the skin

THE NATURAL FACE LIFT ~ High-performance treatment featuring Plant Stem Cell Serum and ultrasonic and micro-current technologies to gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate, helping to erase fine lines and wrinkles for visibly firmer, more toned skin. This facial is performed by our Master Esthetician. ~ 75 min 145
​BACK FACIAL ~ Performance back facial to relax and hydrate.  RELAXING 65   ADVANCED 75


Enhance your facial with high-performance advanced treatments available when your facial is being performed by our Master Esthetician.
VITAMIN C WRINKLE REPAIR ~ Potent Vitamin C and Ultrasonic treatment that helps firm, brighten and smooth the skin

to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 30
ENZYME POWER PEELS ~ Advanced refining treatment for dull complexions.
Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel 15% to Clarify & Rebalance 25

Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel 15% to Brighten & Revitalize 25

Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel 15% to Smooth & Firm 25
GLYCOLIC 15% POWER PEEL ~ Advanced power peel to reduce lines and wrinkles. 25
QUICK LIFT MICROCURRENT ~ gently lifts and firms the skin

Full Face 35  Eye Treatment 20

ADVANCED EXFOLIATION ~ Ultrasonic   45 Eyes  15 Lips 15

Collagen Eyes 20     Hands Masque & Steam Wrapping 20
DERMAFILE Manual Microdermabrasion 45
MARINE DETOX MASK ~ A natural blend of micronized French seaweed with healing Zinc minerals, clarifying Kaolin Clay& Aloe Vera botanicals to detoxify, stimulate, firm and nourish the skin. 20
AGE DEFENSE HANDS FACIAL ~ Transform weathered hands, giving them the attention they deserve. Powerful antioxidants and rejuvenating botanical extracts deliver deep hydration to combat dryness and reduce the visible signs of aging. Leaves hands looking and feeling revitalized. Completed in our facial room. An Oat polish and ultrasonic exfoliation, Glycolic Refining Peel, Vitamin C repairing recovery mask, steam wrapping and Lemon Verbena Massage ~25 Minutes 45

BROWS    12

LIP             12
CHIN          12
FULL FACE Removes hair from brows, lip, chin and sideburns  50+
EARS         12
HALF LEGS    50+
FULL LEGS    95+
FEET               10+
HALF ARMS    30+
FULL ARMS    60+
HANDS            10+
BACK              60+
CHEST             60+
LADIES CLASSIC BIKINI ...Removes hair along the panty or swimsuit line 50+ *
LADIES BRAZILIAN...Removes the desired amount of hair from the front to the backside, leaving a "narrow landing strip" 110+ *

Please note:

For the smoothest skin, allow 2-3 weeks growth between your waxing appointments.

Your waxing specialist can recommend a home care product to use, following a waxing service,

to reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

*Automatic 20% gratuity will be added to these services.

MANICURES~PEDICURES  Offering natural nail treatments in a tranquil, soothing spa environment

Bathe, scrub, complete nail care, callous treatment, shaping and polish ~60 min


Bathe, scrub, masque, steam wrapping, luxurious massage, complete nail care, callous treatment and polish ~90 min

HOT STONE  Bathe, scrub, featuring a warm, river stone massage,complete nail care, callous treatment and polish ~60 min

SOLE DETOX A detoxifying seaweed treatment to detoxify and renew using a mineral rich serum with potent herbal extracts to help remove

toxins from the lower legs and feet. Infusing Evergreens to cleanse and rebalance the body.  Salt bathe, Seaweed scrub/masque, steam

wrapping and Evergreen massage.  60 min ~ 65
SOLE AWAKENING  Cooling essences of Peppermint, Spearmint and Tea Tree to help ease stress-related aches and soreness.  Salt bathe,

scrub and rejuvenating massage ~ 45 min ~ 40
TOUCH~UP EXPRESS  Keep your regular nail service looking fresh with light nail shaping, cuticle moisturizing and polish change


SHELLAC GEL POLISH Add to any other nail service ~15
FRENCH POLISH Add to any other nail service ~10

HANDS THERAPY Hands polish, paraffin therapy & massaging hydration ~20
OIL CURES A ritualistic therapy for the body and mind. A brisk, energy flowing, essential oil application for specifically targeted therapy

and steam wrapping before any nail service.  20 min ~ 20
     REST CURE ~ Lavender Blossom…sedative and relaxing
     RENEW CURE ~ Alpine Arnica…refresh and renew
     DETOX CURE ~ Deep Forest…stimulating and detoxifying

SPRAY TAN ~ Norvell professional organic sunless tanning application. 25
DO exfoliate & shower prior to tan.
DO shave at least 12 hours prior to tan.

DO wear loose clothing (initial bronzer staining may occur)

DO NOT wear deodorant, perfume, moisturizers or makeup.


Promote healthy skin with nourishing minerals, breathable color with a

luminous finish while protecting your skin from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and environmental free radicals
Classic, dramatic or fashion forward allow our artists to enhance your natural beauty



MAKEUP LESSON ~ Experience the benefits of minerals, explore and learn techniques to accent and enhance your most beauty. 50 min 65

YOUTH  Nurturing & Empowering ~  For Ages 6-12    * Responsible adult must be present in the spa during the teen's entire treatment time
FACE ~ Skin analysis and learning session, customized cleanse and balancing. 20 min 30
MAKE UP ~ Learn and Look mineral application. 20

MANI or PEDI ~ Expert nail care and color. 15
HAIR ~ Discussion of hygiene with complete hair and scalp cleanse, haircut and style. 20



20m Herbal Back Experience

Signature Manicure

Signature Pedicure

2 Hours ~ 99


Spa shower featuring our Lavender Oil Cure to relax the body and mind before treatment

55m Lavender Blossom Herbal Body

50m Serenity Facial

Marula Oil Scalp Treatment Massage

2 1/2 Hours ~ 175


Spa shower featuring Alpine Arnica Oil Cure to relieve muscles and mind before treatment

90 Alpine Arnica Muscle Repair Body Treatment Massage & Wrap

Peppermint Foot Massage

Marula Oil Scalp Treatment Massage 

2 1/2 Hours ~ 175


Spa shower featuring Deep Forest Oil Cure to detox the body and mind before treatment

90m Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap Treatment Exfoliation & Wrap

Peppermint Foot Massage
Marula Oil Scalp Treatment Massage

2 1/2 Hours ~ 175 


Your Choice of One "CURE" Package Above

SPA Manicure with Shellac Finish

SPA Pedicure 

​5 1/2 Hours ~ 295

*An Auto Gratuity of 20% will be added to all Packages, Groups, and any services total over $150.

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